Hi I’m tired lol

Nice to meet you tired ! My name’s Dad (the daddy jokes we all know)

Rainy weather makes me feel sleepy. And also I ate nuggets during lunch so this makes me feel even more sleepy haha.

Well anyway, I’m currently doodling around on MS Paint and I’m experimenting with colours and linearts.

Feelin’ nostalgic with the good ol’ MS Paint ?

I was supposed to finish my drawing of my original character (which I haven’t found a name yet) but i’m still at the sketch stage lmao but all of I do instead is to derp around with MS Paint

Few days ago(I literally wrote this before I saw the drawing’s date lmao, wow time flies so fast) Around a month ago, I’ve done some drawings with very thin lineart, which I like it. The thick one reminds me more of the manga books. πŸ˜›

Pachirisu be like “why u didn’t finish me ? ” lmao
Pachi looks happier here c:
Well that’s a thick lineart, but it’s NOT made on MS Paint. (Opencanvas6) and gg to me, I haven’t signed this drawing

I was thinking about adding something new to my art commissions list which are drawings only made on MS Paint ! I think art made with this software has got some charm~ It looks simple, but I really like it to be honest πŸ˜€

Thank god it’s finally the week-end. I LOVE week-ends so much… I need to rest… xD

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