New beginnings

Cute House Sparrow

Hello there ! I hope you’ve been doing well ! To start my blog, a cute lil male sparrow picture I’ve taken greets you~

Yes I love sparrows. I reaaally love them. They’re so cute and fluffy ! <3

Hi there !

I’m a bit new to this platform ! I actually love writing and making blogs but oh boy I’m not good at being committed to one thing at the time.

I have this tedency to be committed to so many things at the same time for a short amount of time and then they’re all gone away from my thoughts.

For this 2023 year, I want to be more organised on my thoughts and projets. I always wanted to make a lil personal blog with my random thoughts.

I chose rounded bubble as my blog’s name since I’m an introvert and I have my own little world a.k.a my bubble. My little personal bubble~

As an artist, I guess I’ll upload some random sketches and some picture’s I’ve taken with some blah blah lol.

Oh and by the way, check it out ! My art commissions are open ! I mainly do digital art and pixel art 😀

I’m so tired. I wanted to write more but it’s already 8.30 pm haha. I have to get dinner and then sleep.~ 😛

Thank you for reading ! Stay tuned !


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